Alice Cooper “The Sound of A” (Official Music Video)

Alice Cooper’s new video comes six months after the release of his last album, “Paranormal”. The Sound of A will get released as a single on Feb. 23rd 2018. The song itself has its origins as one of the first songs writtten entirely by Alice Cooper in 1967 when he was together with the original Alice Cooper Band. It has exactly that sound too. Phased out guitars, hammond organs, big reverb on the vocals. It has the makings of classic Pink Floyd song even. Awesome that AC is keeping this style alive a whole half centuray after he wrote this song.

The original shock rocker has become synonymous with his makeup which here is on full display in a very simple yet seductive video. The concept is that multiple people wear the Alice Cooper makeup and sing the song to the camera. Shot mostly in extreme closeups of the eyes or mouth, the video draws you in, waiting to decipher if one of these characters is the man himself. Indeed, Mr. Cooper is featured in the video. But his whole face is only visible in one single shot. Or did I miss one. Somebody let me know in the comments.

Some more info on the single release due out on Feb. 23rd 2018:

Track list CD

1. The Sound Of A

2. The Black Widow (Live)*

3. Public Animal #9 (Live)*

4. Is It My Body (Live)*

5. Cold Ethyl (Live)*

“The Sound Of A” is taken from the studio album “Paranormal”. All other songs* are previously unreleased and recorded live in Columbus, OH, May 6, 2016.

Track list 10” vinyl


1. The Sound Of A

2. The Black Widow (Live)*


1. Public Animal #9 (Live)*

2. Is It My Body (Live)*

3. Cold Ethyl (Live)*

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