Arkona “V pogonie za beloj ten’yu” (Official Music Video)

Napalm Records just blasted out a new video from Russian Folk Metal band Arkona taken from their upcoming album, Khram. Brooding, cinematic visuals, mixed with dynamic, dark music make a great anecdote for those after-Xmas blues. I am admittedly not the greatest fan of Folk Metal, but this is something transcendent. Gonna get the album when it comes out on January 19th, for sure.

But the video is not random visuals slapped together and called a music video. The band have this to say about it:


We’d like to present our animated music video for the song “In Pursuit of the White Shadow” taken from our new album “Khram” (“The Temple”). The song’s title means “in pursuit of non-existent”.

The video footage is based on the song’s plot, and it concerns the pursuit of an illusion – the pursuit of something invisible, that, in fact, does not exist at all, but we blindly strive for it without realizing the existing fact of this illusion. The protagonist of the video is a faceless silhouette symbolizing mankind, and it is depicted as a figure drifting on water. The figure strives to an unattainable lighthouse located at the other side of the world and hypnotizing with its tempting illusory light. This light shines from time to time, and disappears in the darkness, leaving the protagonist lost and alone to drift on the river of our life – forever.

The video presents the designed Rune graphics based on the hypothetical pre-Christian Slavonic writing, which is called in modern Russian sources as “Boyanovitsa”. “Boyanovitsa” is a common name of the alphabet, which was used in “Boyan’s Hymn” (skalds of Rus were called as “boyans”). “Boyan’s Hymn” was a part of antiquities’ collection of A.I. Sulakadzev, the collector from St. Petersburg. In the 19th century “Boyan’s Hymn” was copied and partially published by G.R. Derzhavin, a statesman, and one of the most highly esteemed Russian poets before Alexander Pushkin.

The author’s Runes appear one after another throughout the video, and form a whole phrase in the end – the title of the song “In Pursuit of the White Shadow”. This font also emphasizes the song’s idea concerning non-existent, but hypothetic realities of mankind, thereby highlighting the song’s concept meaning “in pursuit of non-existent”.

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