Chelsea Wolfe, John Baizley (Baroness), and Sergio Vega (Deftones, Quicksand), among artists featured on Fender’s new series

Right out of the gate, this is clearly a high-quality, content marketing campaign for Fender’s new line of American Professional Series guitars & basses. But we know that right, because the show is centered around that. But for anyone taking issue with the obvious commercial nature of the series, I have no issue with this. This is the great thing about music instrument advertising. Music products that are good will last and people love to talk about gear. It’s not like a shampoo. Ok maybe, some people like to sit around and vibe out on some shampoo-talk, but seriously, show me a cool series about shampoo and I will chill.

Fender1I’m pretty happy about the new American Professional line because I was able to buy a brand new American Standard Jazz Bass (the previous model) at a deep discount and I love it. Sweet, thanks Fender!


In this series, rocker Matt Sweeney (Hey! Didn’t he also host that D’Addario series, Guitar Moves??) interviews some pretty awesome artists to get their take on music, songwriting and, of course, Fender guitars. What is cool, is that they really got some authentic artists and ones that are more in the alternative, heavier or darker scenes. Not the usual Brad Paisleys and Eric Claptons (no offence to those guys, they are awesome!), they didn’t go for the mass appeal thing with big names. Rather they went for uniquely voiced artists like Chelsea Wolfe, John Baizley (Baroness)  and Sergio Vergera (Quicksand / Deftones).

This lends itself to Fender having more authenticity and street cred.

I first knew of this series because they used short edits of the show as Youtube ads in front of our FreqsTV original series. My lowdown, is that this is the future of entertainment to some degree on the web. Short-form, often branded videos that provide some emotion and passion together with some technical, nerdy information.

Check it out, GuitarFreqs! You can probably watch the whole series in under 30 minutes. So grab a cup of joe, plug in your strat and rock out to some content marketing done right.

Oh one more thing. You really didn’t think you were gonna get out of here without a video of Brad Paisley, playing a Fender Telecaster and talking about country music did you? Boom!

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