DIRECTORS COMMENTARY: Opeth – Randy and Kai’s Excellent Commentary

At this point in the history of FreqsTV, we had been plugging away shooting, editing, releasing videos, sharing them on socials etc. But what we had not yet done is to start this blog, or our Vlog or give any background information on ourselves, or the episodes etc. Some folks had suggested we do something like a commentary or a Vlog about the making of the shows. We did a little Facebook survey and we got a resounding yes to make something like this.

So Kai and I cranked out a couple of these videos to cover most of our main series and some of the more popular videos. The first episode is with Opeth taken from our Into the Machine Series. You can check out the original here.

FreqsFact: We slowed down a little on making them as the number of people watching them seem to be pretty low. But perhaps as our channel grows and more people get interested in these stories, then we can get back to making these on a regular basis. Right, Kai?…Kai?!



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