Ernie Ball: String Theory is currently my favorite content marketing series on the web

Full disclosure: I am an Ernie Ball string user (not endorsed, just a loyal customer). I don’t use any other strings on my basses (Fender American Jazz V and Spector Rebop-5) than the Regular Slinky 5’s.

However, that aside, Ernie Ball has got a great media department. I absolutely love this branded series they produce with their artists. It’s essentially a mix of the artist playing and them talking about their playing philosophy and a little about how they discovered Ernie Ball strings.

I would absolutely love to do a series like this at FreqsTV. In fact, we have had talks with several gear brands about doing exactly that but in the end, it hasn’t worked yet. But I am confident that it will eventually happen as this kind of content is becoming exponentially more important than print or banner ads. It’s not just bombarding the very shrewd modern consumers anymore. It’s about changing hearts and minds. Appealing to their emotional side. So that a bass player like me watches this and says, “Hell yeah, I can related to exactly that feeling. I need those strings too!”. Its much more honest too.

My favorite episodes: Justin Chancellor of Tool, John Myung of Dream Theater and Rex Brown of Pantera

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