METAL COVER ART: FreqsTV Presents …And Justice for Art (Book Overview)

In early 2015, I started noticing Facebook posts about a new book that Ramón “Oscuro” Martos was writing about Heavy Metal Cover Art, …And Justice for Art. There was a pre-sale going on that needed to happen in order to convince the publisher to produce a limited number of the books. I am a bit of a collector and love books on metal, so I pre-ordered a copy.

I wrote to the author to see if FreqsTV could help promote the book in some way. As the author is in the USA and we are in Germany, an in-person interview was not likely to happen. So Ramón and I discussed how we could make a video about the book, with him talking about it without meeting in person. So we settled on B-roll and a voiceover. My book arrived in the mail and I filmed it at home, together with a bunch of my own CDs and LPs. Meanwhile, Ramón went to a friends studio to record his narration.

The results are this film. It’s very different than the other films on our channel, but it allowed us to help promote the book, create fresh content for FreqsTV, and to do so in a way that didn’t feel like an advertisement.

Check out ...And Justice for Art for in-depth looks at several icon metal covers!

FreqsFact: The music in the film is from a doom-y, post-metal band from Regensburg, Germany called Carrion Mother. Highly recommended!


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