Hyborian “As Above, So Below” (Official Music Video)

This is right up my alley. Heavy, sludgey, prog. I’m in!

Welcome to the new video from Hyborian for their song “As Above, So Below” just released by Season of Mist! Definitely for fans of the Mighty Sludge Trio: Red Fang, Baroness and Mastodon. But Hyborian stand on their own. The track is taken off of their upcoming album Hyborian Vol. 1….Epic.

As for the video, its sort of a performance-in-a-menagerie-of-strange-things-library. The Youtube description says “Video Created By Hyborian” but there are some end credits that say Directed by Alec Nicholas & Dan Myers, Shot & Edited by Alec Nicholas. So neither of those names are in the band so I guess the video was created with these guys together with Hyborian. There’s something lo-fi about the intro with the logo appearing as if its filmed on an old screen. Also the song title. Then we arrive in the library of strange props. Pretty much the rest of the video is a performance albeit with a lot of nice energy from the editing, camera and band members.

Highly Reccomended.

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