Issues “Hero” (Official Music Video)

Just out on Rise Records! Progressive metal in the veign of Protest the Hero, but with some incredibly poppy, catchy vocals. I mean the production of the vocals sound more like Jamiroquai than Periphery. Some nice screams and grooves and riffing. But dat pop vocal!

The band hails from Atlanta, Georgia. That’s down my way near my hometown of Columbia, South Carolina. So there’s that.

The video is a lot of fun. It’s sort of a live perforance video, well shot and it looks like they are using the most of shooting in 4k and exporting at 1080p (the video is in 1080p on Youtube). You can see that in all of the motion zooms in and out of shots. Looks great and gives the video its own energy on top. Lots of cool, musical ramps too (the speed up, slow-down bits).

Got to hear some more tunes from the band before I know if I love it. I mean I love progressive stuff and this is some kind of mashup. What do you freqs think? Tell me more about this band!


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