Kamelot “Under Grey Skies” ft. Charlotte Wessels of Delain (Official Music Video)

Kamelot have just released a video for their track, Under Grey Skies, featuring Charlotte Wessels of Delain. The song comes from their 2015 album, Haven, out on Napalm Records and according to the band, marks the end of the album cycle. The band expects to release the new album in 2018. Until then, Kamelot fans get one more gift just in time for the the holidy season!

Guitarist Thomas Youngblood says:

“We wanted to release this video as a last “Haven” Christmas gift to the fans. This album has reached so many new heights for us, thanks to the fans and some long and intense touring. The next album is almost ready to be unleashed in 2018, get ready for a monster!! We approach the end of the 2017 and the ending of the epic Haven Tour. What an amazing time we have had with Haven, taking the band to new countries, cities and highest chart placements in the band’s history. Debuting at #1 on Billboard’s Hard Rock Charts was a stunning reminder that we have the best fans in the world!!”

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