Kvelertak : Life on the road

Most owls fly silently. They go through the night like ghosts, without you ever noticing their presence. A special species from Norway, however, creates enough noise to shake the foundations of every concert venue. Kvelertak, unique specimens of black ’n’ roll owls, were flying in Munich. And FreqsTV caught them on camera.

For a band such as Kverlertak, touring is essential. Erlend, singer of the Norwegian formation, offers a glimpse into the owls’ life while they’re flying free in nature. He opens up on being far away from beloved ones, seeing the world and all its cultures as well as noticing changes in his friendships with bandmates.

FreqsTV presents Anchors To Asphalt: Extreme Metal Touring.

Valérie Blais

There can't be enough metal for Val. If she isn't exploring the obscure side of Bandcamp to find her new favourite band, she's headbanging at a local gig. Historian and journalist, FreqsTV's words are her favourite playground.

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