You should be watching the Lost in Vegas Youtube Channel

“Metal has taught me patience” – Ryan of Lost in Vegas

Ryan and George of Lost in Vegas do Reaction videos. While I’m not so much into reaction vids, there is something so genuine and fresh about their approach to checking out new music. Particularly extreme metal. From what I gather, these guys are not particularly metal fans (although Ryan says he works out to hard rock and metal), but music fans they are indeed. What I like about watching their videos is the catharsis of watching other people hear metal songs for the first time. Usually, those kinds of videos are ironic and more make fun of metal. But these guys do the exact opposite. They come at this with nothing but respect, and in the Age of Irony, their authentic presentation is highly welcome. They clearly have an amazingly objective approach to music which I find refreshing. Watching them get excited about a metal record, makes me excited about a record. Record labels and promoters take heed!

Of all the album review Youtube channels out there, none of them take me to the place that George and Ryan take me. Generally, such channels are either negative bashing or overly praising artists because of pre-existing knowledge of the band or typical metal snobbery. But watching these two guy listening to these tracks for the first time, usually knowing nothing about the band, and getting excited and reacting on a purely emotional and sonic level that to me it becomes a more honest critique of the music without all of the baggage that a “legitimate critic or reviewer” would bring.

Standing ovation for you, George and Ryan. Thanks for breathing back life into a tired genre, that’s usually ingenuine and click-baity. FreqsTV salutes you.

Now watch them listen to Gojira’s “The Heaviest Matter of the Universe” and tell me you don`t want to crank this up and bang your head:



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What do you think, Freqs?

  • You pretty much nailed it here Randy. These guys have helped me reconnect to that kid that wanted someone or anyone to share my enthusiasm for this stuff. I was the only metalhead in my junior high school when most kids were listening to whatever MTV was pushing what made the most business sense at the time. I specifically remember trying to get my schoolmates to check out Metallica’s newly released “One” video (I was in 8th grade when it came out) but more than that I wanted them to “understand” it. And by that I mean that I wanted them to understand that this form of music had substance and wasn’t a siren for degenerate “heads” to congregate and cause trouble for society. It was catharsis for some of us that didn’t “belong.”

    Anyway, I’m becoming a big fan of George and Ryan. I don’t always agree with their opinions but I don’t have to and don’t necessarily want to either. I don’t even want to suggest a song for them to check out. I’m totally on board with them discovering metal (and more importantly appreciating it) for themselves. It’s been a unique pleasure watching it happen.

    • Thanks so much Paul! Absolutely man. I love watching their channel for that pure enthusiasm and joy of music. In a world full of cynicism and irony, i find genuine passion for music refreshing. Thanks for reading my thoughts on the show and for tuning in to Freqstv!