Mastodon – The Making of Emperor of Sand (Full Documentary)

Before and during the release of their latest LP, Emperor of Sand, Mastodon released studio reports showing the process of making one of their most personal albums to date. Now, the entire 75 minute documentary is available on Youtube and it is definitely worth your time. The project was produced and directed by Revolver magazines Creative Director, Jimmy Hubbard, a longtime collaborator of the band. I think their relationship shows in the making of the film as the topics are quite personal and he’s able to get the guys to open about their recent family battles with cancer.

The film is primarily set in a small town in Georgia where the band has their studio. They breakdown the songwriting, the lyrics, cover art and speak candidly about each other’s role in the band. What you are left with in the end, is that these are 4 guys who grew up together and experienced life’s joys and tragedies while pouring those experiences into Mastodon. Long live Mastodon!


Randy M. Salo

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