MOVIE REVIEW – STONER ROCK BIO: Lo Sound Desert – Zero Authority

So now we are trying our new “talk show” Zero Authority with a more “talk show” setting. Our friend, and FreqsTV production helper, Phil let us film in the 8 Below Club in Munich where he works.

For this episode we discuss the rock doc, Lo Sound Desert, a history of the stoner rock scene coming out of the Coachella Valley and the story of it’s most influential bands like Kyuss and Queens of the Stone Age. To join me on the show is our own Kris “the Weapon” Nando (our art director) and a good friend of ours from the Munich scene, Greg from Godsground. In this video we breakdown Jörg Steineck’s magnum opus to desert rock and talk about the modern scene that is growing in Germany.

Our own head of editorial, Valérie, also grabbed an interview with director Jörg Steineck to go along with our video. Check it out here.

Also be sure and check out Greg’s band Godsground who’s music can be heard blasting at the beginning and end of this video!


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