Obituary “Brave” (Official Music Video)

I love seeing Obituary ripping out a new song in their studio/rehearsal room which of coures has a pool table complete with a Budweiser hanging pool lamp above it. This video is clearly shot with a GoPro, but it doesnt really matter. I mean do you really want to see an Obituary video with CGI and Dragons? This is a “making-of” music video and it takes you right inside the recording studio with the band. I love this. My philosphy is always, either GO BIG OR GO AUTHENTIC. Obituary define authentic. Nobody could have summed up this thought better than Youtube commenter “I AM THE TABLE”:

Screen Shot 2017-12-20 at 22.22.28

Internet Hero of the Day.

Plus, they live not too far away from my mom. Obituary Rules!

(so does Relapse Records)


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