obScene “We Are Gods” (Official Music Video)

German metalcore quintet, obScene, have just released a pretty sweet video for their new song “We are Gods”, produced by Cold Eyes Productions. The band was cool enough to send  me some production notes so you can dive a little deeper into the meaning of the song and the inspiration for how they made the video. But right off the bat, the video looks great. Great locations and wardrobe (I want that face-crown for halloween next year guys!). Shot near their hometown of Regensburg, Germany, the video starts off claustrophobic and dark, but near the end the world opens up and enhances the uplifting ending of the song. Love those organs in the song too, guys!

The band writes:

“WE ARE GODS” describes the struggle one goes through believing only one spoonfed thing to be true. The girl in the video performs several rituals for an idol you can see in a painting throughout the first part of the song.

After a while she realises there is a door suggesting there is an outside. She can’t open the door, no matter how much she prays and keeps searching for answers she’ll never find in her holy book.

Her idol eventually appears in that room. But as she can see, he’s just human too. He delivers a message that managed to open his personal door once:

“From where I stand now I can see that there is no right and there is no wrong. The only real truth is what you believe in and what you stand for.”

Thus, she finally realises her belief-induced limits and manages to surpass them.
Our drummers personal experiences with religion are the foundation for ‘WE ARE GODS’. His idea of dealing with those (which became the signature line of the idol in the video) is what inspired us to dedicate a song to that theme. ‘WE ARE GODS’ is based on personal experiences with religion – the path from unthinkingly believing something, being frustrated with it and finally being ‘enlightened’.

So how could we visualise that?

Since we already had kind of an idea, the first task was to find someone for shooting the video. After a little search we stumbled upon one ‘coldeyes productions’ whom we eventually ended up with. Kevin (coldeyes) fell in love with our plot pretty fast: an actor in a room that he/she tries to escape from (and eventually manages to – with some help) and then finds him-/herself on top of a mountain (symbolising freedom). After a little discussion, we quickly came to the conclusion that we wanted it to have a fantasy-touch.

A friend of Fabi was happy to play the role of the shaman woman, we found someone who lent us the perfect outfit on the internet and finally we were good to go. Kevin added a few cool ideas himself: the shaman woman stepping out the door in the right moment, some of her going-mad-scenes and the whole band-performance (shooting-wise).

So now the next big step was to set up the door. Jonas had already built it so we had to carry this huge thing up the hill. It was really a pain in the ass. Decorations: self-made with a few helpers. There was Fabi’s work colleague Beate, whose Barn we used for the video shoot. Fabi‘s friend Mirko, a LARP-enthusiast, who had some genius ideas. Tony’s girlfriend Ramona who did all the catering (and, despite being really sick that day, managing the instagram story, since she‘s a professional social media manager). Jonas girlfriend Jessi who took all the cool photos and recorded our making-of process. The list goes on. Thanks a bunch for all the help!

We started with the scenes on the mountain. Since it was November we didn’t have a big deal of sunlight, so first thing in the morning was driving up there and lifting this huge door! Then, all of the scenes with our actress, Marina Geckeler. She screamed herself sore, destroyed our mirror, set some shrooms on fire. She seemed to have a lot of fun!

Finally, the performance shoot: we got to use this amazing half-open barn, which for one thing looked really cool with all the candles and ripped out pages from Marina’s freak-out. On the other side we were really worried about the police coming over and stopping our shoot, since it was 10 pm and we performed in a tiny village in an open barn!

All in all, this was one of our best experiences ever! Thanks again to everyone!”

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