Oceans of Slumber “The Decay of Disregard” (Official Music Video)

My friend, and in-house Prog expert, Dario has been raving about this band for awhile now. Oceans of Slumber are a Texas-based band on Century Media that is creating melodic, heavy, goth-tinged metal. Shout out to Houston from this Ft. Worth boy!

The video is pretty cool. The piano catching fire is a great touch. The performance side has the band playing in a sort of pole-building with sheet metal walls. The kind you expect to get ripped apart in a tornado in the Midwest. There is some dramatic lighting and perhaps an overly zealous and sometimes inconsistent amount of fog (but I have made this mistake too). But there are also some photo burst looking shots and some cool effects employed with the singer standing in a blown-out white gown in the woods. The song is dirgey, doomy and fits the mood of the visuals. That melody from the chorus really sticks with me long after the video ends. I think I am starting to understand Dario’s obsession with the band. Ok, I’m ready for more, Oceans of Slumber!

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