Orphaned Land – Making Peace on the Road

Sometimes, encounters mark you. You meet people who make you think, who give you another perspective. In our world that seems always more eager to find ways to divide societies and individuals, you sometimes meet people who bring hope and light. I had the chance to meet some of these people. I met Orphaned Land.


I sat down with Chen, guitarist of the Israeli formation, and we talked for a while. We started by discussing life on the road and the evolution of the band within the past years. Soon enough, we were talking about the difficulties of being in a band from Israel and the fight the band pursues against hate and intolerance.


As usual, they gave a hell of a show. The best part was seeing all these fans from different origins, and probably from different religious backgrounds, signing along, raising the horns, and enjoying the night side by side. Orphaned Land is a true example of music bringing people together.



Valérie Blais

There can't be enough metal for Val. If she isn't exploring the obscure side of Bandcamp to find her new favourite band, she's headbanging at a local gig. Historian and journalist, FreqsTV's words are her favourite playground.

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