Straightline – Off We Go! (Official Music Video)

Kai and I shot this quite simple but somehow different “performance video” for one of my absolute favorite bands from Munich (and anywhere else for that matter), Straightline. This song comes from 2017’s Vanishing Values album. One that made my top 5 for 2017.

Actually, founder Bart and I have talked about doing a Skatepunk series in the future for FreqsTV.

The boys will be touring Australia for the first time in early 2018. If you like progressive, thrashy punk rock that is guitar driven and melodic, then you must get on this band. Just check out Bart in the studio recording the guitar from the opener. Shred it, Bart!

They released a video earlier in the year for the first single on the album, Generation Lost. My vote for best song of the year. In this video, Bart plays like every character in the story.

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