The Atlas Moth “Coma Noir” (Official Music Video)

Prosthetic Records just dropped a new video for experimental/pschedelic metal band, The Atlas Moth. The track, “Coma Noir”, is the title track off of the bands upcoming LP out on Feb. 9th. I dig this. Didnt know the band before. Heavy, sludgey with some crazy squeal vocals. Its a bit like blackened-sludge or something un-nameable!

The video is also cool. Obviously black and white for that noir feel. Good use of projection to give those textures in an otherwise “metal-band-plays-in-a-factory-performance-video”. I’m looking forward to the record.

Check it out, freqs! Let me know what you think in the comments.

They will be on tour with Mirrors of Psychic Warfare and Royal Thunder in February in the USA.

Randy M. Salo

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