The Contortionist redefine Progressive – Into the Machine

The Contortionist have been turning heads in the prog scene for a few years now. I discovered them on 2014’s Language and we manage to catch up with the Indiana boys later in 2016. They were in the middle of their touring cycle, but hints of what they wanted to do on their follow up, 2017’s groundbreaking Clairvoyant album, were coming through in this interview. Have a listen!

FreqsFact: We filmed The Contortionist on the same day as Tesseract. Both films were being edited simultaneously. Because we don’t really separate the footage on the shoot day (too time consuming), we rely on our knowledge of the band and memory to remember that this closeup of an amp belongs to X band and this Pedalboard belongs to the guitarist of X. While normally this is fairly easy for us (being the gear nerds that we are), sometimes mistakes are made. And the people who usually spot those mistakes are the diehard fans =-)Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 15.03.17.png

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