The Hard Times Goes Full Video. And We are Watching.

The Hard Times, a sort of punk-rock version of The Onion, has been raising the bar on funny videos. They have been making some pretty hilarious sketch videos as of late on a number of topics that musicians can relate to. And they are doing it well. The production quality of THT’s new videos are much higher than a typical Youtubers would be and the videos are often shot like a mockumentary, in the style of The Office or, even older, Spinal Tap.

Their Soundman: The Art of Grumpy documentary is probably one of the most well known, and is laugh-out-loud-funny for anyone who has dealt with this kind of soundguy on the road. Smoke-breaks just to spite you.

And of course, as we are a dominantly bass playing crew here at FreqsTV, the Bass Player Support Group, spoke particularly to us.

They have made a handful of other original videos but some of them are not really music related and a few are somewhat click-baity, albeit funny in an ironic way, videos with Porn Stars . In fact, Fleshlight (I will let you look that up), is a frequent sponsor of theirs. Which I am guessing is the reason they can make these at this higher quality level. Not really sure what the connection is there or what it has to do with the original focus of the fake punk news channel, but hey, if it helps them produce more videos we won’t be complaining.

The Hard Times rulez!




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