To Valhalla we ride! Amon Amarth drop Anchor in Munich

“Hey Val, the shooting with Amon Amarth has been confirmed!”


When Randy said this simple little phrase, my eyes got wide open, I said “No way!” with an ecstatic voice, and I picked up my jaw that had dropped to the floor. Spending an entire day with the Great Vikings wasn’t only a killer opportunity for FreqsTV; it was also a dream that young metalhead Val couldn’t wait to realize.


See, Amon Amarth has a special place in my metal history. They were an important step in my journey to extreme music and, somehow, they’ve always been there at milestones of my personal musical path. Plus, the Vikings always deliver on stage, so filming their performance would be just awesome. It was. Believe me, it was.


Wanna have an idea of what it is to tour when you’re in one of the biggest metal bands out there? Wanna know how the impressive stage building process looks like? Or you just wanna see tons of fire, Vikings, and sword fighting? You’re at the right place.


Let’s go to Valhalla together.

Valérie Blais

There can't be enough metal for Val. If she isn't exploring the obscure side of Bandcamp to find her new favourite band, she's headbanging at a local gig. Historian and journalist, FreqsTV's words are her favourite playground.

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